Control and Relay Panel

The control panel and protection relay panel could be a terribly stable, torsion-free and vandalism-resistant indoor panel up to science fifty one, the doors, sidewalls back walls and therefore the roof ar aired, the doors are often open 1800, additionally because the back wall, the facet walls are  fix inserted or demountable offered, well established and tested, ideal for station, power station and main building.


The management and Relay Panel shall be of Simplex kind and therefore the entrance shall be provided at the rear of every Panel wherever no instruments or relays shall be mounted. The indicating and sign devices and relays etc. shall be mounted on the front aspect and therefore the auxiliaries that shall be within the Panel. The entrance shall be at the rear aspect and of door form of height 1900 millimeter.

In front of Panel wherever relays and instruments are to be mounted shall be stretcher leveled plate three millimeter. thick and aspect panel, doors and high covers shall be of 2mm. thick plate. light-weight sections of steel shall be used for panel frame.

The individual panel shall be 2250 millimetre. in height with Channel base, 610 mm. exhaustive and of appropriate breadth restricted to 1000mm to accommodate the instrumentality at an acceptable height, appropriate gaps to facilitate straightforward work ability as specific hereafter. Individual piece of Channel base of C&R Panel is to be provided to get the pliability of inter-changing the Panel, if any.

The complete panel shall incorporate all necessary instruments, meters, relays, auxiliary relays, management switches, indicating lamps, mimic, indicator, perceptible alarms, horizontal and vertical wiring trough, wiring supports, interior lighting system, terminal blocks , fuses and links etc.


a) The control and Relay Panel frame shall be appropriate for erection of flush concrete floor and secured thereto by suggests that of equally spaced grout bolt projecting through the bottom channels.

b) The instrumentality fixed and such unspecified complementary instrumentality needed for completeness of protection/control theme be properly accommodated within the panels while not congestion.

c) Panels shall be free standing, floor mounting kind and shall comprise structural frames enclosed fully with specially selected smooth finished, cold rolled sheet steel of thickness not but three millimeter for weight bearing members of panels like base frame, front sheets and door frames and not but 2mm for sides, door, prime & bottom parts. There shall be enough reinforcement to supply level surfaces, resistance to vibration and rigidity throughout transportation and installation.

d) Control Cable entries to the panel shall be from rock bottom. Bottom plates of the panels shall be fitted with clastic secretor plates to permit cable entries from rock bottom. secretor plates shall be appropriate for fixing the cable glands at an elevated height of a minimum of a hundred millimeter on top of the bottom level. Terminal Connectors and take a look at terminal blocks for cables shall be fastened at an elevated height of a minimum of two hundred millimeter on top of rock bottom plate. aspect blocks cut bent be organized at the highest of each side of panel for put down panel bus wires. Dimensions of the cut out are three hundred millimeter X fifty millimeter, 255 millimeter from the highest.


All wiring shall be meted out with 1100 volts grade single core, multistrand versatile preserved copper wires with PVC insulation that has provided its utility in tropical region against hot and damp climate and vermin (Misc. insect and cockroaches etc.) Rubber insulated wiring won’t be accepted. Wire numberings and color code for wiring shall be as per IS: 5578/1984. The wiring ought to be cased in appropriate breadth PVC casing. The schematic for varied schematics shall be created on thick and laminated sturdy white book in permanent black ink and same ought to be glued on the within surface of the door.

The sizes of wiring in different circuit shall not be less than these specified below:

The following colour schemes shall be used for the Wiring:

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