Isolators or Disconnectors :

Substation insulators are mechanical switches that are implemented for circuit isolation in the event of a power failure. These are also known as the operation of disconnected switches in the absence of load and are not fortified with arc extinguishing devices. These switches do not have a specific power failure value nor do they have a socket value. These are mechanically operated switches

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Circuit breakers:

Circuit breakers are those types of circuit breakers used to close or open circuits when a fault occurs within the system. The switch has 2 moving contacts which are in the OFF condition in normal situations. When a system failure occurs, a relay sends the triggered command to the switch that separates the contacts, thus avoiding any damage to the circuitsThe electrical switch is a switching device that works automatically and automatically to protect and control the power supply system. In it, the power system of impotence is its design, the circuit’s bug has changed from idepending on it, the big cities and their event, if it works while it’s running.

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Duties of Circuit Breakers

Under different circumstances circuit breaker may be subjected to widely varying stresses.First of all,the current varies from afew amperes due to no load current of transformer upto the heaviest short circuit current.

The main duties of a circuit breaker are

1.short circuit interruption

2.Interruption of small Inductive current

3.Capacitor switching

4.Asynchronous Switching

5.Interruption of short line fault

Breaker circuit

The electricity that is freezing in the houses or offices of the school or in the industries or in any other place where the source of electricity distribution is located. Those lines which are connected to it within the electricity server, that is, and are marked in the image and on the icon of the other lines which are connected around the other side. As long as the electric charge between these two lines is allowed, a potential develops between them. For this reason, the full connection icon of the loads icon i (household appliances) offers resistance to it if it is low load and it is the complete electrical system inside the house or industries will work without problems. When the current passes through zero, arc cooling occurs in the BOCB. In the fully airtight container, the gas bubble is enclosed within the oil. The oil will surround with high pressure in the bubble, this results in a highly compressed gas around the arc. As the pressure increases, the deionization of the gas also increases, resulting in arc cooling. Hydrogen gas will help cool the cooling arc in the oil circuit breaker

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By the way, the gadgets I have are running quite smoothly and suitable like many other things above the current. The reasons why the cables overheat are too indelible if the circuit flows through it or the circuit current is a sudden image icon connection that connects and connects to the power cable. The circuit Icreaker will avoid such situations, which are simply triggered by it in the Iiremaining circuit.

Many of the Tirces on the circuit are Breakers

There are many different types of gear, which include it if you follow it

Air Circle is for Breaker

• SF6 switch

• Automatic stretch switch

The circuit is switch oil

Air Circle is for Breaker

Wind Circle is a switch

This switch will work in the air; The defective emissions are the air pressure of the Theian arc. However, the countries are located in the Breaker circuit. As for the icircuit breeaker, I have to indicate where the idyll is. The ACB port is a good choice for Air iirc icircuit beraker iup which is 15KV. It is so; ioil icircuit ibreaker imay icatch die die iat iat i 15V

Two types of ice crusher

• The ice eye is open

• Automatic windproof switch

Wind circuit bit

Icircuit Icircuit Smooth Icircuit is labeled as iBreaker iCircuit Cross-Blast. In this case, the Ibreaker Icircuit interacts with the icebox in rotating icons. His famous amber rope

SF6 Circuit Breaker

In the SF6 breaker, the current carrying contacts operate on gaseous sulfur hexafluoride, known as the SF6 breaker. It is an excellent insulating property and high electro-negativity. It can be understood that, high affinity for absorption of free electrons. The negative ion is formed when a free electron collides with the SF6 gas molecule; it is absorbed by that gas molecule. The two different ways of bonding electrons with SF6 gas molecules are

SF6 + e = SF6

SF6 + e = SF5- + F

SF6 switch

The negative ions that are formed will be much heavier than a free electron. Therefore, compared to other common gases, the overall mobility of the charged particle in the SF6 gas is much lower. The mobility of charged particles is mainly responsible for driving the current through a gas. Therefore, for heavier and less mobile charged particles in the SF6 gas, it acquires a high dielectric rigidity. This good gas heat transfer property is due to the low viscosity of the gas. SF6 is 100 times more effective in arc extinguishing media than the automatic air switch. It is used for medium and high voltage power systems from 33KV to 800KV.

Types of SF6 switches

• Automatic switch SF6 switch applied up to 220

• SF6 switch with two switches applied up to 400

• SF6 switch with four switches applied up to 715 V.

Vaccum Circuit Breaker

A vacuum switch is a circuit used to extinguish the arc. It has a dielectric recovery character, excellent interruption and can interrupt the high frequency current resulting from the instability of the arc, superimposed on the line frequenc In the VCB operating principle you will have two contacts called electrodes which will remain closed under normal operating conditions. Suppose that when a fault occurs in any part of the system, the tripping coil of the switch is energized and finally the contact separates.

When the contacts of the circuit-breaker open in a vacuum, i.e. from 10-7 to 10-5 Torr, an arc occurs between the contacts ionizing the metallic vapors from the contacts. Here the arc quickly dies out, this is because the electrons, metal vapors and ions produced during the arc quickly condense on the surface of the CB contacts, resulting in rapid recovery of the dielectric strength.


• VCBs are reliable, compact and long lasting.

• They can interrupt any power failure.

• There will be no fire risk.

• No noise

• Has a higher dielectric strength.

• Requires less energy for checking operation.

Oil switch

Oil is used in this type of switch, but mineral oil is preferred. It works best by isolating the properties of the air. The moving contact and the fixed contact are immersed in the insulating oil. When the current separation occurs, the load-bearing contacts in the oil, the arc in the switch is initialized at the time of contact separation and, due to this arc in the oil, it vaporizes and decomposes into gaseous hydrogen and finally creates a hydrogen. bubble around the arch. current.

Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker (BOCB)

In the BOCB, the oil is used to arc the cooling fluid and also to isolate the fluid between the earth parts of the switch and the current transport contacts. The same insulating oil is used for transformers.

The operating principle of BOCB states that when the current transport contacts in the oil separate, an arc is generated between the separate contacts. The established arc will produce a rapidly growing gas bubble around the arc. The moving contacts will move away from the fixed arc contact and consequently the arc resistance will increase. Here increasing the resistance the temperature is lowered. Therefore, the reduced gas formations surround the arc.

When the current passes through zero, arc cooling occurs in the BOCB. In the fully airtight container, the gas bubble is enclosed within the oil. The oil will surround with high pressure in the bubble, this results in a highly compressed gas around the arc. As the pressure increases, the deionization of the gas also increases, resulting in arc cooling. Hydrogen gas will help cool the cooling arc in the oil circuit breaker.


• Good cooling property due to decomposition.

• The oil has a high dielectric resistance.

• It acts as an insulator between earth and living parts.

• The oil used here will absorb the arc energy as it breaks down.


• It will not allow a high interruption speed.

• It takes a long arc time.

Minimum oil circuit breaker

It is a circuit breaker that uses oil as a means of interruption. The minimum oil circuit breaker will place the breaker unit in an isolating chamber at live potential. But the insulating material is available in the interrupting chamber. It requires less amount of oil, so it is called as minimum oil circuit breaker.


• Requires less maintenance.

• It is suitable for both automatic and manual operation.

• Requires a smaller space

• The cost of the breaking capacity in MVA is also lower.


• The oil deteriorates due to carbonization.

• There is a possibility of explosion and fire.

• Since it has a smaller quantity of oil, carbonization increases.

• It is very difficult to remove gases from the space between the contacts.