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Substation Automation Services

We are the best Substation Automation Firms in India

  • Survey and Data collection from Site.
  • Preparation of engineering documents, SLD, Layout Preparation, BOM and I/O List, cable schedule and adaptation schedule preparation.
  • Panel Erection, Cable laying and Termination.
  • Preparation of RTU Configuration files and PLC logics for sub-station automation.
  • Testing and commissioning of RTU and obtaining SAT certificate from customer.

Integration of IEDs with SCADA/DCS

  • Modification of Protocols in IEDs.
  • Configuration of Protocol converter (Gateway which converts the IED protocol into a SCADA compatible protocol) if required.
  • IED Address Mapping for Scada/DCS.
  • Testing of IEDs for the provided protection setting
  • Configuration ,integration of Data Concentrator,IED & MFT with Scada/DCS.

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