Technitab provides offshore and onsite Engineering (AutoCad & ELCAD)

Engineering (AutoCad & ELCAD)

  • Engineering for control & relay panels (secondary design) for 220/132/66/33/11 kV voltage levels as per customer specification for feeder, transformer, busbar, bus coupler, transfer bus coupler for different busbar configurations.
  • Preparation of Functional Design Specification (FDS) for the project.
  • Preparation of Protection Single Line Diagram, General Arrangement drawings and Equipment List.
  • Engineering of various types of schemes based on IEC 61850 protocol using Siemens Numerical relays and also from ABB (REL670) relay.
  • Computer aided designing in AutoCAD /ElCAD for engineering schemes.
  • Preparation of Interpanel Wiring Chart and TB list.
  • Preparation of Signal List for individual Schematics & common alarms.
  • Incorporation of customers comments in drawings.
  • Releasing document to factory for equipment ordering & panel fabrication.
  • Coordinating manufacturing/testing/client inspection of the control and protection panels with the factory.


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