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Panth parivaar


Panth Parivar will aim to make humanity residence of the Begamapura, a principle given by the Gurus in the Guru Granth Sahib Panth Parivar will work towards taking Sikhs out of their Gurudom worship

Panth Parivar will raise a voice against the tyranny of the political class and will be operational in establishing the Begampura principle of Guru Sahibs. Our priority Man is a social creature, and only a healthy and prudent man can create healthy and educated society. But today, an ideologically, religiously and psychologically weak man has bought certain problems upon himself, therefore he himself is taking his life, family and society into a downward spiral.

A major problem is the use of drugs. The youth and culture of our nation is slowly being eaten away by drugs such as alcohol, opium, poppy, tobacco, smack, heroin, capsules, pills, injections and many other drugs. As a result of this we have lost our world famous honour and respect . Today, people of all section of society are suffering directly or indirectly, from this evil. The youth is the capital and future of any nation, and the youth is what guarantees a better future for the nation. A strong nation needs strong youth. But if the youth themselves are drug users then the future of a nation is under threat. Therefore, our objective is to remove the drug problem from its roots.

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