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Website Usability Checks


Home Page:

    • Positive initial impression supporting conversion
    • Clear incorporate action
    • Logged in user’s name showed produce intimacy
    • Any changes square measure displayed on the homepage itself
    • Company address and placement mentioned on the homepage
    • Inclusion of Privacy policy
    • Relevant & top quality pictures and videos
    • URL web site works with or while not WWW


    • Responsive layout
    • Minimum variety of pop-up windows
    • Consistent layout
    • Uncluttered layout
    • Groups for connected content


Errors-free Website:

    • Compatible for major browsers
    • Website tested at each section of development
    • Custom 404 and five hundred errors
    • SSL certified web site



    • Absolute queries enclosed within the forms
    • Devoid of long drop menus
    • Common and simple terms usage
    • Confirmation of submitted messages
    • Display of error messages fitly



  • Adequate distinction between text and background color for legibility
  • Less and applicable content
  • Readable content
  • Clear show of data
  • Useful and up-to-date content
  • Our user expertise style services cause you to epitome style ideas and provide nice come back on investment.

User Experience:

    • Avoidance of excess registration
    • Professionally designed & credible web site
    • Personalized options
    • Uncluttered info
    • Transparency in content
    • Accessibility:

    • Captions and transcriptions for audio and videos
    • Best and applicable code
    • Readable content
    • Easy clicks for check box, links and buttons



    • Accessible navigation
    • Use of breadcrumbs
    • Consistent navigation on each page
    • Descriptive links
    • Memorable computer address



    • Search bar for giant websites
    • Search choices on each page
    • Search by sort words
    • Search box is spacious for legible content



    • Call of actions within the style of buttons
    • Easily recognizable links
    • Differentiate visited and unvisited links
    • Absence of broken links