Along with the improvement of disbursed generation, micro-grid, and electric automobiles etc. Also, the traditional distribution community which which includes supply-side driven, single strength supply, one-way service and simple reliance on manual control of enterprise model will become the direction of consumer interaction, the trend of -way flow, and fairly automated, and those modifications step by step formed the smart distribution community device architecture. However, clever distribution network regarding many varities of business and sort of complex, conventional distribution community enterprise structure and generation machine has been hard to adapt. It has a very critical sensible significance for re-sorting clever distribution network and related technology, setting up the necessities of clever grid generation machine, successfully presenting efficiency of distribution network belongings and reducing exertions costs.

EPRI launches clever grid studies undertaking IntelliGrid, which has two aims:

1) Power device function: needs analysis of power machine operation, such as gift and future needs, such as: self-healing grid.

2) Smart grid architecture: based totally on the above needs evaluation, information acquisition sysytem of future power machine is proposed, after which the long-time period structure is established.

The venture offers a clean hyperlink between the connection of the statistics requirement of electricity device characteristic and IntelliGrid device. In addition, EPRI carries out the studies on an incorporated gadget of energy and communique device task which named IECSA. IECSA is the first step to sell IntelliGrid, and to integrate two unique systems: physical electricity delivery system and intelligent conversation community system for its control. U.S. Department of Energy has additionally proposed a Modern Grid concept, it inclusive of these six parts: established order of Modern Grid, gap evaluation, become aware of needs, pilot task, mission evaluation and stimulate the deployment. In Europe, the future power network technology platform Advisory Board launched a imaginative and prescient of clever grid tasks in Europe [8- 10]. In this vision, the future of the energy marketplace and network ought to be able to offer users with a reliable, flexible, reachable and low-cost electricity supply machine.

Abstract—Smart distribution network involves allotted generation, micro-grid, electric automobiles, power garage and different new elements. Besides it has characteristics of bidirectional interactive, network self-healing, strength excellent improvement, protection of reliability of energy supply, elimination instantaneous of disbursed clean strength and so on. It is presently an important and popular studies cognizance of smart grid. In this paper smart distribution network gadget structure was delivered from 4 components, which encompass planning, operation, control, and incorporated application, then unique production modes of smart distribution network have been proposed. Finally, the assessment indicator and methods for smart distribution community creation had been discussed

China has achieved a few researches on smart distribution network. Shanxi Province Power Corporation creates a “multi-index from the near-optimal” smart grid theory, to optimize the strength waft thru the fee chain as a fundamental goal, through the status quo of the methodology, strategic indicators and technique signs of building, the proposed calculation and assessment strategies, etc. It paperwork a complete and complete set of clever distribution network signs. Liu Dong form Shanghai Jiaotong University, analyzed characteristics of electricity go with the flow, data float and commercial enterprise waft in three distinct tiers of development of traditional distribution network, digital distribution network and smart distribution network. It gave the 5 key traits (self-recuperation, interactive, optimization, compatibility and integration) and six studies areas of smart distribution network. SGCC released the ‘Strong and Smart Grid Comprehensive study’ studies, it made the particular description of necessities, new era software and demonstration tasks of major factors of power supply, transmission, distribution, using, scheduling and data verbal exchange in smart energy grid. And it developed the strength device of strategic research subjects for SGCC and has completed fruitful results. However, there has no longer been clear of the relationship between structures involved within the smart distribution network machine, and the outline of overall system architecture and era roadmap was now not sufficient.

From all above: at home and abroad consists of out an quantity of research in various components of the smart grid. But inside the clever distribution network system, enterprise capabilities and reap mode want to be future in-depth, much-wanted recommend for clever distribution network technology roadmap, so that it will guide the company’s studies and development paintings in strength grid


Following figure shows the research ideal of smart distribution network system architecture. Firstly, study the system content. Then establish the framework. Finally, study the implementation mode. 

The needs of the smart distribution community are analyzed from 4 aspects: planning, management, operation and application, which can be shown in Figure 2. According to necessities, the present situation is analyzed, and the differences between necessities and present situation are pointed out. Then, from the difference, the solutions of the distribution community architecture are discovered gradually. In this part, Planning includes: electricity planning, grid planning, load forecasting, DG getting access to plan, evaluation of distribution, and planning techniques and software assist, etc. Operation includes: distribution automation, distribution equipment, PQ monitoring, DG/MG access, EV system access, etc. Management includes: condition based totally maintenance, stay working, standardization of repair, and asset lifestyles cycle management, etc. Application includes: GIS, comprehensive take a look at for detection guide platform, etc.

Then, according to the above four modules, analyze the specific content of each module. the content should be related to businesses that are already existed, ongoing, or after 5-10 years. Finally, get the architecture of smart distribution network, initially shown in following figure

The preferred framework of the stable foundation of smart grid, requirements and clever energy control and key technical services and equipment for the sturdy help for communication and security systems for the reliable assure to shrewd strength of information sharing platform for records trade channels , through the smart use of power offerings, technical support offerings structures and sensible use of power interactive platform for energy customers with clever, diverse strength services, and electricity customers to achieve strength float, facts drift, commercial enterprise waft of friendly interaction, enhance the first-rate and level of patron carrier. The contents of the clever electricity machine are proven below. It includes not unusual power consumption carrier, new power service and novel user service.

The smart power consumption machine relates to the intelligent control of distributed electricity, electric vehicles and shrewd storage control, shrewd use of strength services and energy efficiency diagnostics, smart twoway interactive offerings, patron resource improvement and utilization of wise dimension and control, shrewd marketing, enterprise control and decision-making and other aspects, as proven below.

The clever distribution community concerned with multiple structures, consisting of distribution automation, SCADA, production management, asset management, the energy consumption statistics acquisition, electricity services, clever measurement control structures, distributed technology management device, charging and discharging and storage control structures, advertising services, and other geographic data systems. The paper considers the following aspects of the enterprise across structures to reap:

1) Accordance with the provisions of the security methods to gain cross- device security.

2) Cross-machine business integration.

3) The system records necessities of business functions.

4) Data exchange of device business functions.

To meet the requirements of information exchange with the strength and records communication method, on needs to investigate the requirements of conversation and records for the destiny smart electricity distribution community. Way of using facts to construct the bus to satisfy the necessities of statistics change distribution method is shown below. The IEB-primarily based facts integration bus realizes records change based totally on common statistics model (CIM). It affords an efficient approach for records change between exclusive languages and software technologies.

The standard software mode of clever distribution community can be considered from region. Considered the requirement of three integration and five big structures of SGCC, the mode of city-degree clever distribution network may be constructed by the separate construction of clever power distribution system and the clever power consumption system. The interaction of the two systems is achieved by using the mixing of the information and data.

Thecontent of clever distribution network system architecture is put forward from 4 parts: the planning, operation, control, and application. Then, the corresponding structure is established, and two extraordinary application modes for city-stage and country-degree are given. Finally, the assessment signs and techniques for smart distribution grid device production are pointed out. The studies consequences have a certain importance for Chinese clever distribution network creation.

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